Progressives for Climate – the conference



The international conference Progressives for Climate gathered in Paris on April 10th , a few months ahead of COP21, a wide range of politicians and experts from all continents to discuss national and international solutions to climate change.

The conference has allowed the participants to share their experiences, put forward new ideas and elaborate together some proposals to tackle climate change, while living up to the objectives of social justice and human development.

Our ambition, which is also the ambition of our project, is to move forward progressive ideas in order to encourage a positive outcome for the COP21.

Find here the conference’s highlights


5 proposals for COP21


During the conference, the Jean-Jaurès Foundation and the FEPS have formulated 5 proposals for COP21 that seem to be compatible with the negotiation schedule as it is currently specified, and which, if they were implemented, could contribute significantly to the results of COP21 and its aftermath.

1. Encourage a continued raise in ambition before and after COP21 in Paris
2. Set a price for GHG emissions
3. Make strong financial commitments with regard to adaptation and mitigation
4. Send a long-term signal by announcing national decarbonisation trajectories compatible with the objective of containing global warming at 2°C
5.Allow the agreement’s entry into force once ratified by countries representing 80% of global emissions


Their visions on COP21 and its aftermath

Massimo D’Alema

John Kufuor

Jean-Pascal Van Ypersele

Ricardo Lagos

Jairam Ramesh

Qi Ye

Toudjani Saratou Malam Goni

Karl Offmann